Spray Coating

Liquid Coatings Offered










 Full range of colors
 and textures

  – Air Dry
  – Baked
  – Catalyzed
  – Water Borne
  – Solvent Based

Electrostatic Wet Spray
A coating method in which the liquid paint is given an electrostatic charge with a specialized gun and power pack so that the paint is attracted to a grounded part that is to be coated. The paint adheres to the part using the electrostatic charge until the paint is cured. Finishes utilizing this method are available in a variety of colors and textures. This type of spraying can be applied either manually or automatically.


This system utilizes a wet spray booth and a curing oven connected by an overhead conveyor. Parts are hung on racks and conveyor. These parts are carried to the spray booth by conveyor for coating either manually or automatically and then to the oven for curing if necessary. The conveyor chain speed for is variable from 1 to 16 feet per minute to accommodate part size, mass and paint curing specifications.

Electrostatic Powder Spray Conveyor System

Chain On Edge Spindle
A coating method utilizing electrostatic spray and an inverted conveyor with fixtures to hold parts. Paint is applied to the exterior of small parts on a machine that spins the parts in front of spray guns. Next, the parts are carried into an oven for curing and then through a cooling-off tunnel before the parts are removed manually or blown off. This application is ideal for deep-drawn parts at a cost much less than rack or screen coating.

Parts are hung and hand sprayed. This method normally is used for small runs and coatings, which do not lend themselves to electrostatic spray.

Powder Spray System

Parts are laid on screens and hand sprayed. This method normally is used for small runs, coatings which do not lend themselves to electrostatic spray and parts that cannot be hung.

Electrostatic Powder Spray — See Powder Coating