Pre-Treating Processes

Cleaning — Proper and complete cleaning is the essential beginning step for any additional process. Without cleaning, any additional coating will fail to have proper bonding to the part.

Vapor degreasing
A method of cleaning utilizing a pure distilled solvent by removing oils from parts with a hot wash cycle, a cold rinse cycle and a cold spray chemical vapor rinse. Parts degreased by this method come out of the process completely dry; therefore, they do not need an additional drying stage as in an aqueous or semi-aqueous cleaning process.

An alkaline water based soak and spray system for cleaning parts. Parts must be dried as the last step in this process.

Abrasive Blasting
Surface cleaning and/or preparation uses compressed air and an abrasive media to remove old paint, oxidation, heat scale and contaminants. This process gives the part a roughness that enhances the bonding of any organic coating.

Hand Solvent Wiping
Hand cleaning with wiping cloths and solvent for parts too large for normal cleaning system.

Chemical Conversion Coatings

Phosphating — Phosphate coatings are produced on ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces and are composed of tiny phosphate crystals which produce coatings that retard corrosion and promote better bonding for organic finishes such as paint, lacquers, etc. or a base for oils, waxes and rust preventatives.

Iron Phosphate
A most commonly used pre-treatment process to produce a rough iron phosphate coating on ferrous surfaces and a micro etched surface on nonferrous surfaces to promote better bonding for additional coatings.

Zinc phosphate
A pre-treatment method prior to painting to enhancement the adhesion of the paint to the part and additional corrosion resistance particularly needed prior to dip/spin process.

Chromate and Non Chromate Coating
Conversion coatings for aluminum or zinc coated steel either using chromate phosphates or chromate-oxide or non-chromate systems. This process provides corrosion resistance as well as promoting a better bonding surface.

Wash Primer or Acid-Etch Primer
A pre-treatment consisting of zinc chromate and magnesium silicate with phosphoric acid forms a thin stabilizing resin to promote adhesion of additional coatings.