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Finishing Processes
We offer a wide variety of coating methods to best serve your needs both economically and aesthetically. Our operation is capable of applying finishes on your products from phosphates, wax, oil, paint, powder, lacquer, and rust preventatives, to color coding by either bulk or other methods.

Pre-Treating Processes
Cleaning and aqueous soaking are just a few steps taken before treating products.
Bulk Coating
Learn more about the types of bulk coating we use.
Spray Coating
Spray coating allows you to choose from a variety of colors and textures.
Powder Coating
Find out more on how powder coatings are applied.
Masking, filling and silk screening are just a few types of decorating processes we use.
Our Services Include

 Powder Coating

 Electrostatic Wet
 Spray Coating

 Conventional Wet
 Spray Coating

 Japanning or
 Tumble Coating

 Hot Barrel Coating

 Dip/Spin Coating

 Dry Film Lubricant

 Vapor Degreasing


 Sand Blasting

 Filling & Sanding


 Silkscreen Printing


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