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About Us
Who We Are
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P & M Industrial Finishing Company is a metal finishing concern — providing service of the highest quality for over twenty-five years. Founded in 1973 with two employees and utilizing 3000 square feet, today we have grown to 17,000 square feet and 17 employees. We offer a wide variety of coating methods to best serve your needs both economically and aesthetically. Our operation is capable of applying finishes on your products from phosphates, wax, oil, paint, powder, lacquer, and rust preventatives, to color coding by either bulk or other methods. The methods available are powder coating (manual or automatic), wet spray (manual or automatic), Japanning or barrel enameling, hot barrel enameling, dip/spin coating and associated operations.

Our facilities consist of:

Facilities Capacities
17,000 sq ft Facility
2 Powder Coating Booths
w/ 2 loading docks
1-4' x 4' batch
1 conveyorized booth
Part size up to 2'w x 5' h x 7' l
3 Wet Spray Booths 2- 6' x 6' part size 6' x 6' x7' tall
1- 7' x 8'- conveyor
1 Chain on edge wet spray
  coating machine
3" diameter x 4" tall
2 Large automatic dip/sin
Part capacity
 1000 lbs per hour
1 Large manual dip/spin

1 Small manual dip/spin
Small runs & samples
1 339-foot conveyor
5 Japanning tumbling barrels
1 Spin dryer
1 400 lb/hr vapor degreasing
With wet & powder capabilities
Part size- 2'w x 5' h x 7' l
1 40-foot double pass gas
  convection oven
4 Batch gas convection ovens
2 Aluminum oxide blast
2- 10HP compressors w/air
1- solvent recovery still
20 - various trucks, carts,
  drying racks
2- barrel dumpers
3- lift trucks

6'x6'x6' capacity

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1891 Watertown Avenue
Oakville, CT 06779
Toll-Free: 1-800-927-8285
Phone: (203) 755-7212
Email: sales@pmfinishing.com
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